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Relationship Coaching

(Intimate/Social Relationships)
Summer Times

  • Complete the Relationship "Wheel of Life"

  • Identify challenges within your relationship(s)

  • Complete the Core Beliefs Questionnaire to identify hinderances

  • Describe the relationship you desire

  • Explore different compartments within your relationship

  • Discover communication styles to engage "Courageous Conversations" 

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Close Up Portrait
  • Self-Introspection Survey

  • Cycle of Life Exercise

  • Personalized Pathways of Development

  • Step-By-Step Power Plan

  • Activate the Skills that lie dormant

  • Experience personal freedom in all facets of life

  • Emotional/Psychological Maintenance

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Life Coaching

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Energy Leadership Coaching

  • Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment:

    • measures your ability to lead people

    • measures your levels of engagement at home and work

    • measures your potential leadership by your level of consciousness and awareness of self

    • provides insight into how you show up in various facets of life​